Attractions in Los Angeles

Grammy Museum
Opening only four years ago, the Grammy Museum celebrates music and the artists who have won the coveted Grammy trophy. The four-story center is packed with displays honoring the history of music. One of the highlights of this museum is the opportunity for visitors to participate in the many interactive exhibits. One of these exhibits is call "In the Studio". This exhibit allows the user to take part in the recording process by using various technologies to produce just the right sound for a music performance. The museum also contains numerous displays such as a notable Grammy winner's section as well as the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. Several special exhibits are presented throughout the year.

Los Angeles County Zoo
Located in Griffith Park, the Los Angeles County Zoo is home to over 250 exotic animal species. One of the highlights of the zoo is the Campo Gorilla Reserve that showcases western lowland gorillas in an enclosure that mimics the animals' natural African habitat. Other popular zoo exhibits include the Komodo dragon exhibit and the Sea Life Cliffs exhibit. Various wild animal shows are scheduled throughout the day including the World of Birds Show and an elephant training demonstration.

California Science Center
The California Science Center is the place to go to learn about aircraft, space, and space travel. The museum has several aircraft on display including the aircraft used by the Wright brothers when they were first able to achieve flight control. The Humans in Space exhibit displays the Gemini 11 capsule and the California Science Center is scheduled to receive the space shuttle Endeavor for permanent display in the near future.

Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum is a wonderful place to see dinosaurs, butterflies, and a host of animals from throughout the planet's history. Dinosaur Hall is the main attraction at the museum. At least twenty full-scale dinosaur replicas are on display with interactive exhibits for visitors to have the opportunity to learn more about what they are seeing. Another interesting display focuses on the animals that roamed across North America throughout the ages. Visitors will also want to see the vast collection of butterflies and insects on display.

Griffith Park Observatory
The Griffith Park Observatory is the home of the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. Currently the planetarium offers four programs scheduled throughout the week. One of the most interesting programs is called "Water is Life" which takes the viewer on a search for water across the cosmos.