Los Angeles Shopping

Los Angeles offers one of the most diverse shopping experiences in the world. There are many different place to shop in the metro area, depending on each person's individual taste. Most people come to L.A to buy high-end designer clothing and accessories. One of the most famous areas to shop is Rodeo Drive near Beverly Hills. With famous designer shops such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. Even those who don't plan to spend money will enjoy window shopping and seeing this famous area.

Melrose Avenue in Hollywood is another famous area to shop. Because shops come and go frequently, venues change, but this area is famous for unique shops full of specialties. Clothing, vintage clothing, music, souvenirs, collectibles, trinkets and virtually everything imaginable may be found along the many blocks of Melrose Avenue in this part of the city. Along Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, several variety stores are found. Independent clothing, home furnishing and shoe stores are located here, as well as the famous Amoeba Records music, media and electronics store.

Those who are seeking discounted items or wish to buy souvenirs in bulk will enjoy visiting Chinatown. Near the downtown Los Angeles area, Chinatown has a wide variety of shops and outdoor vendors. Trendy clothing that has been imported and sold directly from the ship may be found for low prices, in addition to jewelry, shoes and other accessories.

West Los Angeles is the most famous area for shopping, home to trendy boutiques, unique oddity stores and famous designers. The Westfield Mall in Culver City along the 405 freeway is an area that offers several stores, both department and upscale. Another new mall is located in Santa Monica, called Santa Monica Place. Featuring stores from famous designers, this beach-side mall is now one of the most popular malls in the city. Santa Monica is also home to the famous Santa Monica Promenade, one of Los Angeles' favorite weekend shopping spots. Stores that are found in most malls are found along this area, as well as a few unique shops. Vendors set up shop along the sidewalk, selling artwork, beach dresses, jewelry, hats and various other items.